Satellite bill may include a bunch of goodies for pay-TV industry

February 28, 2014
That there’s yet another battle shaping up in Congress, isn’t really surprising, but the focal point is: The usually tame legislation allowing satellite TV providers to retransmit broadcasters' signals – for a fee – is up for renewal. Congress seemed likely to reauthorize the 2010 Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act without much ado – the chairman of the Communications Subcommittee, Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) as recently as December, had said he wanted to pass a “clean” bill, one not loaded down with unrelated baggage.

Report: Line between Internet TV and broadcast TV beginning to blur

February 27, 2014
Increasing availability of high-quality content available online and improved technology is improving viewer experience to the point where the distinction between online and “real” television has blurred. In its quarterly Video Monetization report that looks at data from its own clients, FreeWheel said ad views in long-form content – video longer than 20 minutes - grew by 86% year-over-year, with ad views in short- and mid-form content growing 22% and 13%, respectively.  

TWC adds ‘Broadcast TV Fee’ to subscribers’ monthly bill

February 27, 2014
Time Warner Cable subscribers are in for a nasty shock as the cable company said in a notice to customers that it’s planning to raise service prices more than 6% in 2014. But that’s just for the service tiers. The operator also is increasing the cost of renting a cable box more than 14% for the first box and more than 20% for additional boxes. And, for the first time ever, TWC will charge subscribers a $2.25 a month

As shoppers move online, brands need to focus on omnichannel strategies

February 26, 2014
Ooyala has issued a new white paper that examines the evolving relationship between shoppers and online video content, and looks closely at how an “omnichannel” strategy can leverage an array of media to achieve marketing goals. For the first time ever in 2013, Americans spent more time on their digital devices than watching television; a large portion of that time was spent watching video.

Australia’s Foxtel set to deploy Presto movie service in mid-March

February 25, 2014
Pay-TV provider Foxtel’s long-awaited movie service – Presto – is set to launch in mid-March, the company said, featuring unlimited access to both its archive of on-demand movies as well as several of its live movie channels. Foxtel, which is jointly owned by Telstra and News Corp., is charging $19.99 a month for the services (USD 18), with no contract. Early reports had Foxtel charging $25 for the new service.